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Ten Foolproof Ways To Supercharge Your Body Sans Caffeine

Many people are very dependent on caffeine to jumpstart their bodies and minds. Caffeine can be addictive, and many people are addicted. Even so, you can switch from caffeine to better and healthier ways of supercharging your body. These ways are as follows.

Workouts: nothing beats working out as a way to activate your body and charge it up for the day’s activities. When you work out, calories are burnt, and energy is released. You will be ready for the day or task in no time.

Mental exercise: it is equally as important as physical activities. Playing games that challenge your mind is a helpful way to increase mental power which will, in turn, impact your body positively. You can also solve crosswords as well as puzzles.

Eating healthy: when you have a healthy eating habit, you will have enough energy to sustain you throughout the day. Eat foods rich in Vitamin D, Calcium, and proteins. Include vegetables and fruits in your meals and never skip breakfast.

Drink a lot of water: when your body is hydrated, it functions optimally. If you are dehydrated, you may face challenges such as fatigue and this will make you unproductive.

Get enough rest:  when you lack enough rest, the body will not have enough time to replenish in preparation for the next day. You will wake up feeling exhausted, and your body will be sluggish.

Yoga:  yoga is beneficial, and it helps in developing your physical, mental, and spiritual health. By the time you are done doing yoga, you will have mental clarity, a great supply of energy, a better mood, and so much more.
Body massage: never underestimate the power of a body massage. It will help your body relax; boost the circulation of blood, and so much more. It will leave you refreshed, full of energy, and ready for the day.

Listen to music: music has a way of touching your mind, heart, and spirit. It will excite your mind and thus enhance your mood. Listen to the right kind of music and your day will be great.

Enjoy a cup of tea: there are so many herbal teas that are free of caffeine and are excellent for boosting your mental power and activating your body. These herbal teas have more to offer as they can also make you feel relaxed and have powerful antioxidants.

Take a relaxing bath: sometimes the only thing your body needs is a relaxing bath. Wash off the laziness, tiredness, and stress, and you will be as good as new.

All these are amazing ways to supercharge your body and avoid being dependent on caffeine.

How to Gain Weight Fast in 1 Week

These are simple and effective, and will have no side effects whatsoever. The best part is that you can incorporate most of these tips effectively in your regular lifestyle without making too many changes, and gain weight easily.Eat more than three meals a day.Eat plenty of calories at every meal.Stick to whole foods loaded with nutrients.Focus on protein, fats and carbohydrates.Make sure you drink plenty of water.Gaining healthy weight is a gradual process. You may be able to put on as much as 1 pound in a week by consuming more calories.